Day 9: November 19—Part two of eat, sleep, shop (fashion!)

Sunday began with a visit to Ramat Gan to catch up with Philip Blau of Frau Blau. As was true 5 years ago, he was a wealth of knowledge and creative energy. He was very pleased by their inclusion in the treasure box and was dressed to match it!


Philip shared some more recent pieces, including dresses with their unique and playful patterns on silk.

Later that evening we were in conversation with others involved with the project, including (far right) Michal Rovner!

We're out of focus but still smiling at the end of a lovely evening; Diana's in her 'hutzpah' cowboy boots while I'm sporting a new treasure from Frau Blau, and my handmade Vida boots from Jaffa (both designers referenced in Art & Design). Absorbing each precious hour remaining as our days here wind down.....


—Michelle Dunn Marsh