Designs by Sharon Brushner, on Instagram

At flea markets, of course, another person’s throwaway can become your exotic treasure. If your tastes run toward the offbeat and you’re ready for some haggling, you’ll want to stroll Jaffa’s Shuk HaPishpeshim, a flea market that offers vintage finds as well as a number of glamorous but tiny showcases for adventurous designers. You might stop in at Zielinski & Rozen Perfumerie, a customized-perfume maker with wares made from local herbs and flowers. Sharon Brunsher offers comfy minimalist fashions in blacks, grays, and whites. Visit Eyal and Roni Shpilman’s vintage store Galerie Parisienne, where you might just find an exquisite Vuitton bag from 1975 if you’re lucky. At Ruby Star, the jewelry (designed by Shirley Itzik) tends toward the chunky: necklaces with big stones and hammered gold bases, rope-inspired gold bracelets, chainmail.

At the flea market, another person’s throwaway can become your exotic treasure.

The Vida shoe shop is tucked into a Jaffa side street called HaHalfanim. In the window is a croquembouche of homemade footwear in wild colors and shapes and in materials that range from leather to silk to burlap to fur: prim low heels and massive platforms, minimalist unconventional or audaciously spiky and flirtatious. Venture in—just for fun—and you may emerge with unquestionably unique new shoes, tailored precisely to your taste and style.

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