Ted Arison, the late husband of The Desert and the Cities Sing author Lin Arison, was a man of extraordinary vision, and that vision remains alive in many forms. The Ted Arison Family Foundation—founded by Ted and his daughter Shari Arison in 1981—is the philanthropic arm of the Arison Group, a business and philanthropic entity that today operates in forty countries around the world.

The Arison Family Foundation is a multigenerational philanthropic venture.

The Ted Arison Family Foundation continues as a multi-generational enterprise; its board includes Shari Arison’s four children: Jason (Chairman), David and Cassie Arison, and Daniel Arison Dorsman.

Jason is the man behind the Artport exhibition space and artists’ residency program, and David works to ensure the efficiency of Israel’s water systems with Miya.

Cassie Arison’s involvement in the Foundation revolves around her passion for creating a healthier and more stable environment for future generations.

And Daniel is the latest family member to join the Foundation’s board, but he surely won’t be the last; the next generations of Arisons are on their way, ensuring that Ted’s vision and spirit will be stewarded by the family long into the future.

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